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    You know the type, hair done, nails done, outfit on point. Gym kit on, coffee in hand, Macbook on her lap. The girl on the packed train who completes the on-fleek winged eye liner whilst balancing a Starbucks. I always thought these people were mythical creatures that knew some kind of secret that I didn’t. Although I haven’t quite mastered the wing eyeliner train combo (seriously it’s an art). I’ve come along way in becoming the positive woman I’ve always wanted to be.

    And here’s the secret: there is no secret. It is just working on your self day in day out and showing up as your best self.


    Buying and taking vitamins. Drinking water. Getting my roots done before I look like Wednesday Adams. Getting my nails done, putting on a weekly face mask. Washing my clothes instead of buying more because I can’t be bothered. Exfoliating. Paying my bills on time. Starting a savings account. Getting out of toxic relationships and friendships. These all may seem like simple things but they add up quickly, small steps – giant leaps.


    I suffered from anxiety A LOT and I know that I had to make a change. Although I really do believe in taking medication if that’s what you need or your doctor advises. For me, I wanted to try and figure it out with my own body. As balance and happiness starts with you and it ends with you. Veganism and meditation has helped A LOT with my anxiety and overall health. It’s not about being a size 6, eating boatloads of kale and the latest superfoods, deprivation, or hours at the gym. Its about my mental and physical health and I am finally taking it into my own hands.


    A crazy thing happens when you start to take responsibility for your own life, there’s no one else to blame. This is both a huge relief and suffocating at the same time. As my wise Mom always says “you make your bed and you lie in it, so make sure you make it well”. In a nutshell, your story is in your own hands and you and only you are the author and editor of your book. By accepting personal responsibility, you gain the freedom to create your own life, any way you want it. This is challenging for sure, but it’s helped me a lot.


    At university I thought that 6am was a foreign concept, in which I occasionally rolled in drunk. The mere concept of me getting up at this time was quite simply laughable. But I have now managed to get into a routine that sees me up at 6am listening to daily affirmations and then going to a quick gym class. Again this has helped massively with my anxiety and focus at work. I’m going to be real here, I am tired more often, but its worth it.


    This was the most difficult thing of all, but once I got used to the idea that I was worthy of my own love, I began to get the strange and wonderful feeling that I was becoming my own best friendI’m still building this friendship with myself and, like any other relationship, it takes work, care, mindfulness, reflection, practice and patience. I have to remind myself every day that despite all of my shortcomings, I truly am worthy of love and kindness.

    “I was fortunate to become the woman I always wanted to be.”

    Diane von Furstenberg


    Create your dream life and become the best version of YOU. Get every new post delivered to your inbox.

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    Life Coaching

    About Year of You.


    The Year of You was created to help inspire, motivate & encourage you to be the best version of YOU. Each month there will be new posts every other Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday to help guide you through the year of you!

    No one is you and that is your power.

    This is about getting clear about what makes you happy, and then creating, manifesting and living your best life. It’s about having the courage and self love to show up EVERYDAY as the brightest, happiest, and most bad ass version of yourself, whatever that looks like to you.

    The year of you is about letting go of old, limiting beliefs and becoming the best version of yourself. Because guess what? Life is short and you are the youngest you will ever be in this moment. The time is now to push your boundaries and come out of your comfort zone and control your destiny. As challenging as this may sound, it’s nowhere near as brutal as waking up in ten years time, devastated with the realization that your life is zooming by and you have yet to start living it in a way that has any real meaning to you.

    You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life. And that starts today. 2017.

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    Blogging guide 101

    5 small changes to your morning which will transform your entire day

    Clock on desk office with stationary in sunlight morning with colorful

    So recently I’ve got into a bit of a ‘rut’. Starting a new job that takes out 2 hours of my day commuting on a budget train line (which decides for itself whether it wants to turn up or not). Four months in and its taking its toll. But a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do. So I have been on a bit of a mission to try and figure out how I can make myself happier and more positive from the get-go. So I thought I would share with my lovely readers how I have changed my days through these simple steps. Continue reading

    Health & Beauty

    The stylish beauty case every make up artist needs

    make 2

    Most of us have more beauty products then we wish to admit, me included. I mean just look at all of my products and I am not even a make up artist (oops!), carrying this all around to get ready for a night out is a task in itself, that’s why I just had to get this case and wow was it worth it!

    This stylish and on-trend cosmetic beauty case has multi-tray capabilities. It has 2 expandable trays, perfect for an at-a-glance section of your beauty products. The main compartment of the case is ideal for larger and heavier items. It also comes with a lock and key so you can keep all your beauty treats safe!

    This versatile case is perfect for make-up artists on-the-go. Featuring compartments that can be used separately or assembled together – dependent on the space you require – as well as wheels to ensure effortless travel, you’ll honestly wonder how you ever lived without it.

    make 1


    This is a big case, so obviously the design is VERY important, its sleek black design makes it look very stylish which is important when you’re on the move! It has a pretty hefty storage compartment too – I can literally fit ALL of my make up and hair products in there which is ideal. It consists of a multi-layered storage box design, with 4 storage shelves on the top, and a large bottom box with a carry-round handle. It is also waterproof which is key to use throughout all the seasons without your products getting ruined!


    With 2 wheels on the bottom and a handle, it is easy to carry and convenient to move around, I know a lot of you freelancers find it a nightmare taking all of your beauty tools with you so this is ideal to pack everything in. Its light and easy to carry – almost like a small travel suitcase. This is the ideal case for makeup and hair stylists, or those who like to have all of their accessories to hand when they’re travelling. This case gives you plenty of room for literally all of your products so you will never leave without those 5 different highlighters, that you just HAVE to bring, right?!

    make 3


    It’s not a shock to any of us beauty girls that make up costs A LOT. So you do not want to be losing your prized highlighter that cost you more than any dress you’ve ever brought, so that’s why the lock and key is an invaluable trait to have when carrying around all of your high-end make up. This make up case has a paddle lock tools for security, so you won’t need to worry about your personal items in public.

    Love this product as much as me? Don’t blame you!

     Follow Songmics on Facebook and get the product here! 

    Health & Beauty

    Slay your make up game with cruelty free EcoTools

    ego tools 1
    Let me tell you, I love beauty brands and I love make up but I also know there is a darker side to the industry in terms of animal cruelty. As a vegan I am obviously completely against this so I have been on a hunt for quite a while now looking for make up that aligns with my values. 
    That’s why when I stumbled across the EcoTools brand I literally thought id hit the beauty jackpot. Their Eco-friendly brushes are made from synthetic fibers and are both vegan and PETA certified without losing the products quality. As an animal rights activist, vegan and beauty addict this is a BIG deal for me. 
    What’s more, their eco-friendly make-up tools are made of recycled and recyclable packaging – using tree free paper that has been created from cotton and bamboo, making it even more sustainable. Honestly vegan and cruelty free products are a must for me so I couldn’t wait to try them out! 
    Here’s what I tried out and why I think you need to make the switch today!
    They also come in the prettiest packaging and brushes!
    ego tools 1

    CONCEAL: Use the Pointed Concealer brush to even imperfections for a fresh complexion.

    POWDER:  Use the full bristles of the Angled Powder brush for an even-looking coverage.

    GLOW:  My personal fave – you know I love a highlighter! Use the Highlighting Fan brush for precise application of illuminating powders to get that glow!

    SHIMMER: With the Eye Shading brush add shimmering colors in any shade – great for blending!

    POP: Apply your fave gloss of lipstick with this pretty detailed Lip brush. Great for precise application first line lips, then fill in and blend.

    RADIATE: Bring the Compact Mirror on-the-go for touch-ups to stay glowing all day. Great for that last minute make up rush on your commute to work (I know your with me girls).

     The glow for it kit is created in conjunction with The Girl Project, a national non-profit initiative created by Glamour magazine to support global efforts to send girls everywhere to school. HOW AMAZING!
    Every time you share your message of women’s empowerment on social media using #MyTrueBeauty and tagging @EcoTools, we will donate GBP 0.79 to The Girl Project. So please get sharing! Every little counts! 
    make up 2
    ECO 11
    egotools 3

    Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths

    I’ve tried everything to try and clean my brushes but I either end up ruining them all together or they just simply don’t remove the product. These are honestly one of the only cloths that have really, really cleansed my brushes. They instantly washed away my makeup, oil and impurities from my brushes. This really is key to keep your makeup application flawless.

    Face Tools Perfecting Blender Duo

    We all know once you use a blender you never go back… and this Sponge Duo is no exception. It’s so good for applying foundation and concealer. The first ever beauty sponges made from 71% renewable plant based materials come in two pretty colour and two densities, with a unique patent pending shape for customisable makeup application.

    ego tools

    make up 1
    Start your look by using the concealer brush to hide any imperfections. Swipe the blush brush for a flawless application of your perfect cheek colour. Highlight your eyes with the eye shading and add definition with the angled eyeliner brush. Finish it all off with the lash & brow groomer.
    I love these brushes, they have such good quality and apply all my make up like an absolute dream! Looking after animals well-being, the environment and girls education whilst also slaying your make up, what more could a girl want?!
    Available at Superdrug and Boots and their website.
    make up 3
    The Pursuit of Happiness

    I quit my career today.


    Some people will look at me like I’m crazy. I probably am. I’ve worked hard, VERY HARD to be in the position I am in now, to change careers? Go back to being broke and studying? Believe me no one has thought this through more than I have.

    If you read my blog, or just know me personally. You will know I have a bit of an obsession of understanding and bettering the human mind, I can’t begin to tell you how many books I have read on it. How much advice I have given friends, how many documentaries I’ve watched.

    I’ve suffered a lot of trauma in my life, sudden deaths, poverty, abuse to name a few. I have seen these things first hand and through the eyes of others. I see emotional pain and I want to help fix it. I am so passionate about so many things to help better the lives of others whether it’s racial, gender or class inequality.

    But marketing ? No.

    The truth is marketing isn’t for me. Phew. I said it. I’ve admitted it, before it was too late. I feel my purpose is higher than that, and not in some weird hippie way (although I am becoming more and more spiritual). But working in a corporate environment for a corporate company that sucked the life out of me wasn’t fueling my ambitions. As much as I respect that profession –  I have no one to look up too in that field – I didn’t really care much about progression, because I didn’t really want to progress, because I had no interest in it.

    If you also know me you know I’m the geeky over achiever who likes to read and learn. I’m also extremely ambitious, but faced with daily responsibilities stuck in an office those days of passion for education and development seemed long behind me. So I made a stand and I finally said f*ck everyone else’s expectations of me. And this office. And this meaningless work. F*ck it all. I’m proud of myself for constantly and consistently having the balls to leave situations or people behind that no longer help me grow into the person I want to be.

    I have got into one of the best universities in the country to study my Masters in Philosophy with Psychology and I truly believe that this is my calling and I cannot wait to start next month on my new adventure.

    We have one life and I intend to live it fully, to not settle, to find adventure, to learn and love and help others. & I hope you do too. And I hope that you too, live a life that you are proud of.


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    Switzerland: Adventures, Luxury Chalets and Dream cities



    I am a bit of a tom boy at heart and find it essential to work out, and the fresh air and stunning views made this a very easy and enjoyable experience. There really is an activity for everyone in Nendaz! Running around the town and the mountains every day was really refreshing and energizing (much, MUCH better than the treadmill!). There are also guided hikes and trails which walk you through the history of Nendaz and its surrounding areas. There is 5 footpath trails that allow you to discover the region. The trails are fun but also educational so you can really learn about the fascinating Swiss culture. There are also mountain bikes and E bikes for hire, with great guides to keep you safe and show you the most stunning and surreal views. Nendaz,


    Sunrise on Mont-Fort

    I’ll be real here – since Mont-Fort is at an altitude of over 3000 meters – there is a 50/50 chance you will get to see the stunning sunset, but trust me its worth taking the chance. Although we were not lucky enough to have the right weather conditions that morning, seeing the snowy mountains whilst sitting in an igloo in the mountains was nothing short of a dream. The trip up to Mont-Fort in the chair lift in the dark is also a great experience, and being up that high in the mountains whilst traditional swiss music is being played sipping a coffee, laughing away at your friends was still worthy the 4am start.

    Also within the Mont-Fort pass you  get:

    • Continental or american breakfast at the Gentianes restaurant, with all that your heart can desire!
    • Traditional music at the top of the Mont-Fort (a MUST see)
    • Unlimited access to the mountain-lifts during the whole day

    Image result for Sunrise on Mont-Fort nendaz



    One of the best things about Nendaz is it’s truly breathtaking location and its accommodation reflects the luxurious feel of the town, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. With 4 huge bedrooms, a sauna and a private balcony overlooking the alps, the chalet was an absolute dream come true. I’m super lucky to have stayed in some fantastic hotels and countries in my life, but I have to say I think this trumped them all! From the stunning scenery from our private balcony, to the incredible interior inside this chalet makes the perfect stay in the summer or Winter months.


    Even on more chilled out evenings – this chalet is so extraordinary it makes you actually want to stay in and enjoy the views.






    Geneva is absolutely stunning for a city, almost too pretty in comparison to some of the industrial cities I’ve visited. You feel like you have been catupulted into a dreamy, luxurious world where the people are just as immaculate as the pretty cobbled streets they walk on. No wonder its been voted the current best city destination to visit in Europe. So what is there to do in this dream city?


    genea 2

    The most traditionally scenic part of the city is Geneva’s Old Town, clustered on a hill around the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre and the pretty pedestrian Place du Bourg-de-Four. It’s well worth a look around, famous for its history, delicious restaurants, and extravagant designer shops think old school Hollywood meets European chic.



    The Jet d’Eau, or jet of water is  MUST SEE – the towering spray—which reaches more than 450-feet high—is visible from anywhere along the lakefront. The lake is beautiful and surrounded by chic restaurants and compliments the lavish Swiss surroundings.



    Take a luxury boa trip on Lake Geneva and the scenic surrounding region, including the towering Alps, during a boat cruise on the stunning lake. Boats depart regularly to see the heartbeat of Geneva – the shimmering Lake – with the Alps and Jura mountain either side. The lake boasts a stunning picturesque view and draws you in like a magnet, with the fountain sitting grandly in the middle, and the Ferris wheel overlooking the city is a truly mesmerizing experience.

    I truly had the week of my life in Switzerland and would like to thank the wonderful company Travelopo for the opportunity – as Europe’s Leading Holiday Rentals Agency with over 100,000 high quality, professionally maintained properties available to choose from, ranging from beachside apartments to country villas, ski chalets to castles I cannot recommend them enough for your time in Switzerland.


    A dream country: a guide to Nendaz, Switzerland.

    IMG_5212 (1)

    I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the Swiss alps, but I have a secret, I can’t skii and I am not a fan of the winter (I know, I know what kind of blogger am I!). So when I found out that there are literally hundreds of things to enjoy in the summer in Nendaz I couldn’t wait try them ALL! With mesmerizing traditional Swiss festivals, picturesque mountain views, and outdoor activities to suit everyone, Nendaz is Swiss perfection pretty much any time of year.

    Our first day was spent in the extremely luxurious and chic Geneva before we headed to Nendaz, which lies on a sunny terrace above the Rhone Valley near Sitten (Sion), the capital of the Valais.

    I’ve written down my top Nendaz activities so you can plan for your dream summer trip.

    Summer festivals

    If you plan your trip in summer you can experience the International Alpine Horn-Festival – the biggest event of its kind in Switzerland. On our first day in Nendaz we got a gondola up the mountain to experience the festival and wow was it worth it! With more than 100 players of all nationalities and lots of events and activities – it really is an unmissable event with the most beautiful scenery and traditional alphorn melodies right in the middle of the Alps – it was like something straight out of a film! In addition to some beautiful music and fascinating traditional costumes, there was also tons of traditional food options. In the evening we headed down to the big festival tent in the middle of the town for food and traditional music for some real insight into traditional Swiss culture.


    Below photo courtesy of the amazing Travel Blogger Allison



    Swim in Switzerland’s stunning outdoor pool

    Possibly one of my favorite days, the sun was shining and the the pools backdrop of the Mountains looked so beautiful it almost looked like a painting. Situated in the centre of the village – and just a five minute walk from our  Chalet – the outside pool is truly an extraordinary experience, most pools I have visited are usually surrounded by the beach but the contrast of the mountains really took my breath away. As the pool stays at a refreshing 25°C during the whole summer season, even on the chillier days you can enjoy a swim whilst overlooking the magnificent panoramic view of the Rhône valley. We did a lot of hiking, mountain-biking and runs so it was a perfect time to relax and get ourselves a glowing tan!


     IMG_5212 (1)


    The luxury literally never ends in this town. We treated ourselves to spa day in one of Switzerland’s most scenic towns situated at the heart of the Haute-Nendaz mountain and the “Quatre Vallées” ski resort. And wow was this a real treat! After a really busy few weeks at work before the trip, this 4* spa definitely lived up to its reputation for recharging your batteries in complete serenity! Notable for its chic and contemporary style and spectacular panoramic views, the spa definitely did not disappoint! The spa is beautifully decorated in wood and stone,  and consists of: Biological sauna · Finnish sauna · Steam dew bath (hammam) · 3 grottos (stone grotto, salt grotto, ice grotto) · Kneipp circuit · Flotation pool · Counter-current swimming pool · Panoramic sauna · Jacuzzi · Children’s area with pool, fountains and hut · Fitness OUTDOORS · Sauna · Swimming pool heated to 35° C, 15 metres in length massage benches, waterfall and terrace. What more could you ask for?!


    Amazing restaurants

    We were lucky enough to be invited to Cafe du Sapin-Blanc, Rated No.2 out of all restaurants in Nendaz. the restaurant was quirky and quaint with lots of character overlooking the beautiful valley. We sat outside sipping wine among the picturesque views. Below is a picture from the terrace we sat all evening laughing over copious amount of delicious food and wine. The views were almost as good as the food!


    My absolute favorite though was La Lanterne et Le Vieux Chaletlocated in Haute Nendaz. And although Alex, the owner, was taken a back by me revealing I was actually a vegan – he made sure my food was cooked from scratch and given to me with the rest of the dishes handed out. And it was delicious.  He provided me personally with an off-the-menu selection of outstanding vegan salads, appetizers, mains, and a refreshing dessert.  The locals wines were also great to compliment the food (can you tell we all like wine?!)  The Swiss cuisine was honestly some of the finest I have tasted. As a vegan I do find it hard to eat whilst travelling especially around Europe where bread and cheese is the ULTIMATE. But both restaurants provided amazing dishes for me. They both had an intimate and homely vibe and I would 10/10 recommend them both.


    As Nendaz is literally FULL of activities I had to write two who posts on it to give it the justice is deserves! So stay tuned for Part 2 all about the great outdoor summer adventures, the stunning sunrise on Mont Fort in the Alps and of course, the spectacular luxury chalet we stayed courtesy of Travelopo.