Switzerland: Adventures, Luxury Chalets and Dream cities


I am a bit of a tom boy at heart and find it essential to work out, and the fresh air and stunning views made this a very easy and enjoyable experience. There really is an activity for everyone in Nendaz! Running around the town and the mountains every day was really refreshing and energizing (much, MUCH better than the treadmill!). There are also guided hikes and trails which walk you through the history of Nendaz and its surrounding areas. There is 5 footpath trails that allow you to discover the region. The trails are fun but also educational so you can really learn about the fascinating Swiss culture. There are also mountain bikes and E bikes for hire, with great guides to keep you safe and show you the most stunning and surreal views. Nendaz, https://www.nendaz.ch/tourism/thematic-paths-3458.html


Sunrise on Mont-Fort

I’ll be real here – since Mont-Fort is at an altitude of over 3000 meters – there is a 50/50 chance you will get to see the stunning sunset, but trust me its worth taking the chance. Although we were not lucky enough to have the right weather conditions that morning, seeing the snowy mountains whilst sitting in an igloo in the mountains was nothing short of a dream. The trip up to Mont-Fort in the chair lift in the dark is also a great experience, and being up that high in the mountains whilst traditional swiss music is being played sipping a coffee, laughing away at your friends was still worthy the 4am start.

Also within the Mont-Fort pass you  get:

  • Continental or american breakfast at the Gentianes restaurant, with all that your heart can desire!
  • Traditional music at the top of the Mont-Fort (a MUST see)
  • Unlimited access to the mountain-lifts during the whole day

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One of the best things about Nendaz is it’s truly breathtaking location and its accommodation reflects the luxurious feel of the town, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. With 4 huge bedrooms, a sauna and a private balcony overlooking the alps, the chalet was an absolute dream come true. I’m super lucky to have stayed in some fantastic hotels and countries in my life, but I have to say I think this trumped them all! From the stunning scenery from our private balcony, to the incredible interior inside this chalet makes the perfect stay in the summer or Winter months.


Even on more chilled out evenings – this chalet is so extraordinary it makes you actually want to stay in and enjoy the views.






Geneva is absolutely stunning for a city, almost too pretty in comparison to some of the industrial cities I’ve visited. You feel like you have been catupulted into a dreamy, luxurious world where the people are just as immaculate as the pretty cobbled streets they walk on. No wonder its been voted the current best city destination to visit in Europe. So what is there to do in this dream city?


genea 2

The most traditionally scenic part of the city is Geneva’s Old Town, clustered on a hill around the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre and the pretty pedestrian Place du Bourg-de-Four. It’s well worth a look around, famous for its history, delicious restaurants, and extravagant designer shops think old school Hollywood meets European chic.



The Jet d’Eau, or jet of water is  MUST SEE – the towering spray—which reaches more than 450-feet high—is visible from anywhere along the lakefront. The lake is beautiful and surrounded by chic restaurants and compliments the lavish Swiss surroundings.



Take a luxury boa trip on Lake Geneva and the scenic surrounding region, including the towering Alps, during a boat cruise on the stunning lake. Boats depart regularly to see the heartbeat of Geneva – the shimmering Lake – with the Alps and Jura mountain either side. The lake boasts a stunning picturesque view and draws you in like a magnet, with the fountain sitting grandly in the middle, and the Ferris wheel overlooking the city is a truly mesmerizing experience.

I truly had the week of my life in Switzerland and would like to thank the wonderful company Travelopo for the opportunity – as Europe’s Leading Holiday Rentals Agency with over 100,000 high quality, professionally maintained properties available to choose from, ranging from beachside apartments to country villas, ski chalets to castles I cannot recommend them enough for your time in Switzerland.



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    WOW! I’d love to go to Switzerland. It looks like such a dreamy destination! 🙂


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    Travelopo loved collaborating with you! Hopefully we can organise another opportunity soon.
    Travelopo has now grown to over 250,000 properties worldwide!
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