The stylish beauty case every make up artist needs

Most of us have more beauty products then we wish to admit, me included. I mean just look at all of my products and I am not even a make up artist (oops!), carrying this all around to get ready for a night out is a task in itself, that’s why I just had to get this case and wow was it worth it!

This stylish and on-trend cosmetic beauty case has multi-tray capabilities. It has 2 expandable trays, perfect for an at-a-glance section of your beauty products. The main compartment of the case is ideal for larger and heavier items. It also comes with a lock and key so you can keep all your beauty treats safe!

This versatile case is perfect for make-up artists on-the-go. Featuring compartments that can be used separately or assembled together – dependent on the space you require – as well as wheels to ensure effortless travel, you’ll honestly wonder how you ever lived without it.

make 1


This is a big case, so obviously the design is VERY important, its sleek black design makes it look very stylish which is important when you’re on the move! It has a pretty hefty storage compartment too – I can literally fit ALL of my make up and hair products in there which is ideal. It consists of a multi-layered storage box design, with 4 storage shelves on the top, and a large bottom box with a carry-round handle. It is also waterproof which is key to use throughout all the seasons without your products getting ruined!


With 2 wheels on the bottom and a handle, it is easy to carry and convenient to move around, I know a lot of you freelancers find it a nightmare taking all of your beauty tools with you so this is ideal to pack everything in. Its light and easy to carry – almost like a small travel suitcase. This is the ideal case for makeup and hair stylists, or those who like to have all of their accessories to hand when they’re travelling. This case gives you plenty of room for literally all of your products so you will never leave without those 5 different highlighters, that you just HAVE to bring, right?!

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It’s not a shock to any of us beauty girls that make up costs A LOT. So you do not want to be losing your prized highlighter that cost you more than any dress you’ve ever brought, so that’s why the lock and key is an invaluable trait to have when carrying around all of your high-end make up. This make up case has a paddle lock tools for security, so you won’t need to worry about your personal items in public.

Love this product as much as me? Don’t blame you!

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  1. October 9, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    Nice! I’m not a makeup artist but as a beauty blogger and writer, I definitely want this!


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