What Beyonce teaches us about relationship deception.

What Beyonce teaches us about relationship deception.


Queen Bey, perfectly perfect Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, it appears… has cracked.


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Beyonce ‘Surprise’ album drop, takes the element of surprise to the next level, we see the artist in a state of raw, aggression – a strong parallel to the once ‘crazy in love’ and ‘baby I can see your halo’ singer – who’s music has consistently supported hubby Jay Z – took a sour turn, literally, in lemonade.

All of a sudden we see perfect Bey, walking around New Orleans smashing in car windows with lyrics in the album consistently referring to her man’s infidelity.

“Who the f*ck do you think I am? / You ain’t married to no average b*tch, boy /… if you try that sh*t again / you gon’ lose your wife”

Burnnn. If that’s not the shade of the year to Jay Z I don’t know what is.

The truth is this album is so raw, so powerful, so aggressive that if you’ve ever had your heart broken you feel yourself going through the emotions with her, how can another woman take what I have?

The album got me thinking about our generation’s constant deceptive appearance.

Appearances are deceptive

Society places a lot of emphasis on a person’s appearance and the magic ability of keeping a man by the way you look, the obsession with us looking up to these ‘flawless’ girls puts a filter over our own reality. How many times have you seen endless images of a couple who look PERFECT together, the next day they’ve broken up? Social media has risen to such heights that people actually believe that some couples live in fairytale relationships – its like a real life Disney film –  instagrams answer to Prince Charming. Its not real, do not compare your own relationship to a ‘valencia’ fitered snap shot of anothers.

Appearance of ‘playing house’

Bey is notoriously private about her life with Jay, but what we’ve seen previously is a shiny, boxed up PR version of their relationship that isn’t sustainable. I like to call relationships like this ‘instagood relationsips’ you get to see the glam, the restaurants, the holidays, christ some couples are practically naked together on some posts. You sit there thinking your relationship is nowhere as good as theirs, as you sit on a Saturday evening with your man doing ‘ordinary couple’ things  – wishing you too – was living that filtered ‘fairytale’. But Lemonade teaches us – even the King and Queen of R&B and hip hop are flawed. There is no doubt that being in love is the best thing to happen to all of us, but what this album has taught women is to stop comparing ourselves to others, you don’t see what goes on behind closed doors, that all relationships take work. That the highs come with equal lows, and behind those shiny images lie real issues, real arguments and importantly, real people.

None of us are perfect, we are all flawed, and all relationships, including friendships require a lot of work. Don’t compare your relationship or yourself to another, because you don’t know what lies behind those glossy filtered pictures.



  1. Char
    April 29, 2016 / 10:58 am

    great read too many people fall into the trap of comparing their lives to others & it is so unhealthy!! Do you babygall. Amazing blog xxxx

  2. May 1, 2016 / 10:50 am

    So true… It’s so important to remind yourself of that as its so easy to compare!

    • Budget Girl Xo
      May 3, 2016 / 9:35 am

      I know I think we all do it but we should just concentrate on our own journeys instead and try and not compare 🙂 Xo

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