Body Acceptance, Weight Gain In Your Twenties & Learning to Accept Your Body As It Is.

In today’s episode I explore how to deal with weight gain in your twenties, how your body changes over the years, the body positive movement,  and why we need to redefine what body positive is.

Today’s topic is all about exploring body acceptance, weight gain in your twenties and learning to lo yourself at any size.

In today’s episode I discuss:

  • Body acceptance and loving yourself
  • How to love yourself at any size
  • Why the #bikinibody is so toxic
  • The dark side of instagram – facetune and photoshop
  • How to accept and learn to embrace weight gain in your twenties

I am going to be uploading once a week all about how to live our best lives, manifest our dreams, get our sh*t together and just smash life to
be honest! So feel free to message me any topics you want me to cover!


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