PODCAST EPISODE #1 Seven ways you are ruining your 20s and how to change it

On today’s episode I explore how we can self-sabotage our own happiness in our twenties by thinking we need to have it all figured out. I talk about the impact of toxic friendships and relationships, the never ending pursuit of happiness and the crazy ideal we put on ourselves to have it all in our twenties.

The Year of You podcast was created to help inspire, motivate & encourage you to be the best version of YOU. Each week there will be a new episode to help guide you through the year of you!

This podcast is all about encouraging you to get clear about what makes you happy, and then creating, manifesting and living your best life. It’s about having the courage and self love to show up EVERYDAY as the brightest, happiest, and most bad ass version of yourself, whatever that looks like to you.

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